A wonderful Joy


 IMG_0024 Anouska Robinson-Biggin

made her Perpetual Profession of vows

on January 3rd this year, the Feast of the Holy Name.

It was a wonderful celebration – of fidelity, of trust in God, of a path chosen and followed with courage. There were many people present at Anouska’s vows; FCJ Sisters, Companions in Mission, Family, and many friends. All coming together to give witness to the joy of a young woman trusting her life into God’s hands because she knows God loves her.

During the ceremony, Sr Claire, the General Superior prayed the following blessing:

God, in your loving wisdom
You have singled out many of your daughters
to be disciples dedicated to Christ
and to receive the honour
of his loving call to religious life.
God, we earnestly pray you:
send the fire of the Holy Spirit
into the heart of Sister Anouska
to keep alive within her
the holy desire she has been given.
May the glory of baptism and holiness of life
shine in her heart.
Strengthened by the vows of her consecration,
may she always be one with you
in loving faithfulness to Christ, her Divine Companion.
May she cherish the Church as her mother
and love the whole world as God’s creation,
teaching all people to look forward in joy and hope
to the good things of heaven.
Holy God, guide the steps of Sister Anouska and guard her on her pilgrimage through life.

When she comes at last to the throne of Christ,
may she not fear him as her judge,
but hear the voice of her loving and Faithful Companion
inviting her to the wedding feast of heaven.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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