Reflection for the second week of Ordinary Time


What are you looking for? Where are you staying? Come and see!

'Star of Bethlehem' by Edward Burne-Jones, 1891, depicting the 
Adoration of the Magi with an angel holding the star of Bethlehem.
San giovanni che indica il Cristo a Sant’Andrea
(St John indicates the Christ to St Andrew)
Ottavio Vannini (1585-c.1643)

The Sunday’s gospel shows us John standing with two of his disciples, watching Jesus walk by. He said Look, here is the Lamb of God! and his disciples left him to follow Jesus.

Jesus looked at them and said Who are you looking for? They said in response Where are you staying and Jesus said Come and see! They came and saw where he was staying and they remained with him … The gospel doesn’t tell us where Jesus was staying at that moment, but it seems to emphasize that the disciples remained with him. Perhaps this is the first condition of discipleship, to remain with him.

One of the two disciples who stayed with Jesus was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. Andrew found his brother and said, We have foiund the Messiah (the Christ) and he brought Simon to Jesus. Here is a second condition of discipleship, to bring others to Christ.

In the letter announcing the Year of Consecrated Life we read, Remaining in Christ allows us to grasp the presence of the Mystery which lives in us … “The first thing for a disciple is to be with the Master, to listen to him and to learn from him. If the warmth of God, of God’s love and tenderness is not in our own hearts, then how can we, who are poor sinners, warm the heart of others?” (Pope Francis)

FCJ Word
We seek to find in prayer the mind and heart of Jesus
so that we may find God in all things
and be to others messengers of his saving Word. (Formula to the FCJ Constitutions, #7)
Our evolving universe, so rich in mystery, beauty, chaos and diversity pulsates with the subtle vibrancy of the Spirit of God – God who longs for intimacy and interconnected relationship.. (General Chapter 2013)

What does remaining in Christ look like for me?
How does the way I live invite others to Christ?

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