A change of pace required



Do you ever find yourself caught up in a pace of life that seems relentless? Whether it’s work, socialising, shopping or just sorting things out at home, there can seem to be too much to do and only a very limited time in which to do it all. We find ourselves jammed into crowds all rushing to get the next bus, train or tube in order to get home 30 seconds earlier so that we can move onto the next thing in our diary.

ChoicePostWhat about choices? We find ourselves facing so many choices, often about unimportant things. It can be crippling! Have you ever found yourself in a supermarket completely bemused by all the different versions of the same thing that you could choose from. Which is the best? Which is the right one to choose? We may know it’s crazy but we can have a sneaking suspicion that we might be making THE WRONG CHOICE.

Even going out for a coffee can be exhausting…

Coffee MachineAt this time of year, when everything is about to become totally frenetic as we move towards Christmas, the Church reminds us of the value of calm expectancy. Advent. A time of waiting.

We are invited into a totally different space, invited to reassess where our focus lies. In Advent we are called on to wake up, be alert, prepare. But most significantly we are called to WAIT. An active, attentive waiting. It is like a tiny little voice speaking softly in the midst of rush hour traffic, reminding us that there is more to life than the immediate, that there is a depth to life that we can miss out on. Not that the depth is in some other place, but that it is right here. God is to be found right here, so lets not rush past. Ultimately Advent reminds us that it is not the million choices, or the frenetic hurrying that hold meaning. There is something more. And to seek that ‘more’ we may need to take on a change of pace.

Happy Advent when it comes! (Thought I would post this early to beat the rush!)



2 Responses to “A change of pace required”

  1. helenmaryfcj Says:

    Good on you, Lyn. Spot on the mark.
    Thank you.

  2. Lynne fcJ Says:

    Here we are! Advent … lets get waiting!

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