Reflections of a novice director…


I have been novice director for quite a number of years now – and what a blessing that time has been!  I have had the great privilege of being the companion of an amazing group of women all of whom have been really serious about their vocations as FCJs.  What an irony that the one who has most probably gained the most from this experience is me!  In walking alongside young women who are so totally serious about every aspect of their religious life I myself have been “formed” and challenged time and time again to be the best FCJ I can be!  Each one of those FCJs is special to me and I carry her in my heart and in my prayer every day.  Thank you my dear companions for teaching me more than I could ever teach you – and may you grow daily ever closer to your Companion and ever more willing to be of service to God’s people.

Clare Fcj

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5 Responses to “Reflections of a novice director…”

  1. Geralyn Says:

    Reblogged this on Keeping Company.

  2. Manu Michael sdb Says:

    it is really wonderful to have a nice novice master/mistress. i too had a wonderful and grace filled time in my novitiate days….thanks for the sharing

  3. Sr. Ann Marie Says:

    Dear Clare,
    Beautiful sharing. Thanks for all of your efforts to keep the FCJ Charism alive in the hearts of so many!
    In Companionship,
    Ann Marie,fcJ

  4. Jo Ann Burden CIM Says:

    I am so happy to see more women have the desire to live the FCJ charism.

  5. clarefcj Says:

    Thank you for your comments…It is great to know we are united in our common desire for the Reign of God!

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