How can it be that a civilian plane carrying 298 children, women and men could be shot out of the sky? Forgive us all, oh God.  Forgive those who fired that death-dealing missile, forgive all those who hunger for war and violence instead of peace and gentleness and forgive all those of us who live so complacently and even silently with glaring inequalities and injustices…There is soul-searching for all of us to do, there is work for all of us to do so that lives are no longer wasted in so many inhumane ways.  Let us join together in praying for peace with justice and let us work together to make this happen.  Meanwhile we pray for those lost and for all who are grieving and who will go on grieving long into the future.  Dear God forgive us and help us to be people of peace…

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3 Responses to “MH 17: 298 SOULS LOST – DEAR GOD FORGIVE US…”

  1. helenmaryfcj Says:

    Thanks Clare, thank you. This is the theme of our Holy Hour. I will include your insight.

  2. Maryrose Dennehy Says:

    Thank you, Clare. Many of us share your concern and we are praying, like you, for the repose of the souls of all who lost their lives, as also for peace.Our grief was sharpened when we found out that an Australian RSCJ sister ,Philomene Tiernan as friend of several Australian FCJs, was one of the passengers who was killed. RIP

  3. fcjteam Says:

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    People of Peace

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