During the last two weeks there have been four incidents of religious intolerance against Christians in this area.  Not only were Churches and places of worship attacked but in one particularly nasty incident a group of Roman Catholics were attacked while they were saying the Rosary in a private home.  People were injured, vehicles outside the house were damaged and all the windows in the house were smashed.  Day by day it takes a little more courage to live openly as a person of faith.  How are we to behave in the face of such tangible intolerance?  I think we need to continue to try and live the Gospel as best we can with integrity, humility and gentleness.  Can we meet violence with peace and forgiveness?  Let us pray that we grow in unity with all people of good will.  May we all continue to strive for peace, harmony and justice in our world.


  1. Maryrose Dennehy Says:

    Dear Clare,
    I was saddened to read of the acts of violence in Yogya. I unite with you all in praying for peace,understanding and good will towards ALL.People.
    . In companionship,
    Maryrose fcj

  2. jcarfcj@gmail.com Says:

    Dear Clare, thank you for this sad reminder of such frightful intolerance and destruction of people’s homes. Last night I was leading our community prayer and we based it on peace especially in the Ukraine and those like your friends who receive such hatted. With love Joan

  3. Margaret Claver Says:

    Dear Clare, May the God of gentleness, strength and compassion gift each one with the courage ,strength and peace that our God surely desires for all people. In companionship with you all.
    Margaret Claver

  4. joannafcj Says:

    Dear Clare, It makes me sad to hear of such hatred and violence. You and all Christians there are in my prayers. Love, Joanna

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