Vocations Sunday


As we celebrate Vocations Sunday, lets remember all who are wondering what it is that they are called to do with their lives. Many people have so many options ahead of them – and yet will really be asking ‘whivocn3ch, out of all these possibilities, is what God desires for me?’. In a world where so many people, young and old, don’t have options, may we each respond generously to the Lord’s invitation and love.

Take my heart, O Lord, take my hopes and dreams.
Take my mind with all its plans and schemes.
Give me nothing more than your love and grace.
These alone, O God, are enough for me.

Dan Schutte- These Alone are Enough – Based on Ignatius of Loyola

2 Responses to “Vocations Sunday”

  1. jcarfcj@gmail.com Says:

    Thank you Lynne. Yesterday was a really good day to see how I was witnessing to my own vocation. As Pope Francis said we are to be prophetic witnesses. “May we truly profess who we are meant to be. Blessings on you and your ministry, Joan fcJ

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks Lynne and Joan…Yes, may we respond FULLY to the gift God has given us in calling us to be FCJs.

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