This weekend I am running a retreat for young adults. One of the things we have been looking at is the place of silence in our lives. 

How often do you spend time in real silence? Not just the quiet of no music or TV but the deep silence of stillness, inactivity and awareness?

It can be very difficult to find that silence!

Anthony De Mello in his book Sadhana describes how silence can be difficult to attain, how our mind wanders… he invites us to become aware of the wandering of our mind, to notice it…

As we enter into prayer we can easily develop a habit of talking to God – expressing our desires, our needs, our hopes for others or for ourselves. Yet it is true of every conversation (and so of prayer) that there must be sometime of listening. And listening to God can be helped by silent, attentiveness.

So why not try just five minutes of silence now. Silence your movement, notice the sounds around you, begin to silence your wandering mind. Try to simply BE. 

When you have finished, reflect on where your mind was drawn. Notice what pulls you. Practice. Be open to what God may do within you in the stillness.

One Response to “Silence”

  1. Ann Marie,fcJ Says:

    Thanks, Lynne. How true what you say, and how important silence is in our life. Blessings on the retreat this weekend.
    Love & Prayers,
    Ann Marie, fcJ

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