God who is PRESENT




One of the underpinning considerations of Ignatian spirituality is that God is present and active within our lives, and that we have the capacity to recognise that presence and respond to it. It’s a wonderful basis for our life, but do we really live out of it?

It seems to me that on a normal day I can be so caught up in having to travel, or sort out the maintenance, or answer an email that I can be more or less oblivious to how God is present in my day. What does it mean to me that God is found in all things? How is God present in the mundane tasks of my day? How might I look differently, respond differently if I can be aware? 

If I am answering an email, would my response be more gentle, more considerate, more human if I were to consider the presence of God in the person receiving it? 

If I am rushing through a crowded station, would I be less harried if I were to consider what stance God might be inviting me to in the busyness of my day?

Today lets just consider again… where, and in what way, is God PRESENT.

2 Responses to “God who is PRESENT”

  1. Keeping Company Says:

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    On being present to God, who is present to us.

  2. Ann Marie, fcJ Says:

    Thanks, Lynne, Beautifully stated and so true!
    Blessings, Ann Marie, fcJ

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