From January 19th to February 22nd I will be in Girisonta Jesuit Retreat Centre directing our novices Mei, Rowena and Teresia on their long retreat.  This retreat will last for about thirty days – it could be a day or two longer depending on the movement of the Holy Spirit.  We are just into the first days of the retreat and exploring a part of the Spiritual Exercises known as the Principle and Foundation.  In this exercise it is hoped that the novices will grow in their knowledge that they are called to love and serve God and to serve God’s people.  Hopefully as they continue their prayer the novices will grow in the desire to be free to serve God.  Each evening we spend half an hour together in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  During this time I will be praying for the needs of the world and for all those who are praying for us.  Please keep us in your prayer as I keep you in mine.


  1. Denise Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all! Thank you for your prayers as well.

  2. Joan OKeeffe Says:

    God bless you and the Holy Spirit retreat.!!!

  3. Ann Marie Says:

    Clare, My prayers are with you and the novices,Mei, Rowena and Teresia as you journey together in the wonderful journey of the Exercises. May you all be very open to the leadings of the Spirit.
    God Bless, Ann Marie Walsh, fcJ

  4. Maryrose Says:

    Thank you, Clare, for reminding us. I shall keep you all in my prayer.
    Having so recently met and talked with Mei, Rowena and Teresia makes it easier to visualize each one, as also you!
    Maryrose fcJ.

    • clarefcj Says:

      Thank you so much dear Maryrose…All going well so far…
      Please keep up those prayers…I’m praying for you too!

  5. Joan Says:

    With you Clare directing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit I feel that the openness to the Spirit will bring a great freedom to Mei, Rowena and Teresia. You are continuing to be in my prayers. Blessings of the Spirit be with each of you. Joan

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