In our province we are preparing for Christmas by faith sharing in community groups every Sunday.  We are all using the same material – the Gospel for each Sunday plus a reading from an FCJ source.  I was particularly struck by an idea in this week’s faith sharing:  “Our risk is that we remain good but ‘pedestrian’, so familiar with the needs, the injustices, the disasters that they fail to arouse more than a passing interest, a passing sympathy, a passing action.  We don’t hear or see God speaking from them.” (Breda O’Farrell FCJ)  Those words made me think deeply and I asked myself how radically I was living my life as an FCJ.  God is surely speaking to us today in the needs we see around us.  I hope that this year we FCJs will take the time to make Christmas a happy time for others – especially those in need.


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  1. Renaud Marie-Geneviève Says:

    To dicover divine life at the heart of reality is a mission of HOPE we have been given. Because God is working in us, we can see the world as a place where God is working and which is filled with his presence. We find traces of God everywhere, the Spirit of Christ is working in all places and situations and people.This mission to try to find and taste God’s presence in activities and in people brings us at the center of a “tension” which attracts us at the same time, towards God and towards the world,.. to be and to do… contemplatives and actives…united to Christ and inserted in the world…mystique and service.. Can we get use to these tensions? Can we always see God’s presence in events? in people actions? Can we always loose time with people? Can we share God’s love as we share a meal? Can we forget oneself to let people take more place? Can we share our deep joy? Can we share at the crib what people do not like in us? United to find God in all things.

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thank you so much for this Marie- Genevieve…it makes for powerful reading!

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