Personal Peace


ImageHow can I become PEACE for myself and for those around me?

So this week I am doing a lot of travelling and the trains have been packed. The other day I got a ticket which assured me that there were no seats available so I had prepared myself for a long journey in the corridor. When I got on the train I sat in the first available seat whilst hundreds of people jammed on. The seat was reserved but no-one came to  claim it and so I stayed there. The carriage was packed and noisy. Two men beside me were talking at the top of their voices for the whole journey, another group were drinking and shouting to each other… I was trying to read.

I found myself getting more and more irritated by the noise, until I finally decided to accept that it was a Friday night, and to recognise that these people had mainly been working away from home for the week and were heading back home to Scotland for the weekend. The fact that they were unwinding was not a bad thing…

I put some gentle music on and soothed my soul with a bit of generosity towards the people around… as I felt more understanding of the other around me I began to feel a greater peace in myself.


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