Synod on the Family DO RESPOND



Pope Francis calling an Extraordinary Synod on the Family is a wonderful opportunity for the Church to reflect on the many ways in which family life is an expression of God’s love and creative action, as well as on the many pressures and strains on families in contemporary society.

It is great that the Bishops in a number of countries have quickly made the survey widely available. It is very wordy and probably not the sort of thing you might want to answer in the few minutes of quiet that a busy family may have in a day,  but still, it is there and it seems important that as many of us as possible engage with the questions in order to provide as full a picture as possible for the Bishops to analyse.

Don’t be put off by the first question! If you aren’t sure of what is contained in the teaching of those documents just continue to 1b which asks exactly that question! 

1. Question 1a: Describe how the Catholic Church’s teachings on the value of the family contained in the Bible, Gaudium et Spes, Familiaris Consortio and other documents of the post-conciliar Magisterium is understood by people today? What formation is given to our people on the Church’s teaching on family life?

For many of the questions you may not know the answer, so leave them blank if necessary – but write what you feel is important somewhere, even if you cant quite see where it fits.

You don’t need to give your name or address although at the end there is an option to do so if you would like. You can find a link here Francis

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