The Haiyan Typhoon…Moves us to more compassionate solidarity…


haiyanLike so many of you I am stunned by the unfolding disaster in Central Philippines, the Visayas.  Thanks to modern media we can see vivid and heart rending scenes of grief in the face of devastating loss of human life, destruction and damage.  Perhaps, like you, I want to do more than pray – in some way I want to give of myself, to stand alongside our sisters and brothers in the Philippines who are hurting so deeply – and give – until it hurts me too.

One of the things our our newly written Chapter Directions is urging us to is to ” more compassionate solidarity”…For me this means to BE IN COMPASSIONATE SOLIDARITY with others…It is a life stance, a way of living…Let us give what we can, yes of course (and quickly and go on giving when we are tempted by the busyness of life to forget Typhoon Haiyan).  Can we also “give” by living differently?  For example, we already know that climate change is contributing to our changing weather patterns and is one of the causes of weather – related natural disasters.  I ask myself “Is it enough to simply give help to those in need without taking a long hard look at my lifestyle?”  I just watched two news videos from Tacloban in which young women are begging for food and water.  Do those words say anything to me about the way I use the water so readily available to me?  Do they make me think about the way I sometimes gobble a tasty snack between meals (hardly tasting it)?  I hope that many of us feel called to be people of “compassionate solidarity” with those in need, wherever we find ourselves.  Can we do this together?

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8 Responses to “The Haiyan Typhoon…Moves us to more compassionate solidarity…”

  1. Keeping Company Says:

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    Our thoughts and prayers (and hearts) continue to be with the people of the Philippines, and not forgetting our Sisters and their community in Manila. Please read this moving post by Sr Clare.

  2. Ann Marie Says:

    Thanks, Clare for a very moving blog! We (FCJs at SHC) are united in prayer and thought with all in the Philippines. Yes, such happenings must call us to deeper reflection on our ‘everyday’ choices.
    Many Blessings, Ann Marie, fcJ

  3. Denise Says:

    Outstanding reflection Claire… Compasionate solidarity is indeed a call to deeper response. A call to live mindfully!

  4. Maryrose fcJ Says:

    Clare, we are with you and our sisters\brothers in the philippines in our toughs and prayer. Also the staff and students of Genazzano have contributed finanally to help with the provision of basic commodities. Let’s all continue to be in solidy with these people in thi tragedy.
    Maryrose fcj

  5. clarefcj Says:

    It’s so good to know we are united in prayer and action…This example of compassionate solidarity across the world is truly inspiring!

  6. Renaud Marie-Geneviève Says:

    When such event happens far away, it is easy to forget, to get use to sad news. But thank you for reminding us compassionate solidarity. My prayer is trying to be permanent for all those who need
    food, water and love. It is helpful to open our hearts together.

  7. Margaret ClaverfcJ Says:

    Thankyou Clare, for your reflection on this heart breaking disaster.
    It is great that you make the solidarity in compassion so practical for us in our everyday lives.

  8. clarefcj Says:

    How right you are – as you say there are so many who need food, water and love. What a lovely idea – that we open our hearts together…Yes, it is helpful and generates such positive energy too…We could call that grace eh?

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