The Power of Faith Sharing


Image Each morning during our General Chapter we begin the day with a time of Faith Sharing in small groups. We have already been given the scripture text for each day of the Chapter. Each text comes with a brief commentary and an FCJ theme and several reflection questions.

We are invited to use these texts for our personal daily prayer and to share in depth on our prayer with the members of our small groups. This is to further deepen our unity in heart and spirit as we work together. 

Faith Sharing is a powerful tool of contemplative living. Sharing honestly with another person, or group, about your experience in prayer requires courage and trust and also develops these attitudes within the group. You may never have talked with someone about how you experience God in prayer. So we invite you to take a step of courage and find someone with whom you could do this.

Today’s scripture was Luke 11:5-13, you may like to share a reflection here.

One Response to “The Power of Faith Sharing”

  1. Helen-Mary Langlands Says:

    Sharing our love of Jesus, out Companion, is an act of trust but it brings out the wonderful workings of God within us and is very affirming

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