I am so glad to hear that Pope Francis has called for the world to unite in a day of fasting and prayer for Syria this Saturday.  This is the best action we can take…As Francis said “God and history” will judge anyone using chemical weapons.  Here in Yogyakarta we are going to join the  Pope in this vital “work” for peace…However, I am not only praying on Saturday though…I am praying every day for peace with justice…Not only in Syria but wherever it is needed…I hope I am one of many people praying… 

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  1. Joan Says:

    This is really great and please God many will join in. I want you to know that I have a new email address:

  2. Julie Goulet Says:

    Oh yes and will definitively participate here…

  3. Rachel fcJ Says:

    We are certainly praying here – the four of us in St. Hugh’s, Liverpool, joined an impromptu holy hour on Saturday at the Redemptorist Bishop Eton parish – about 50 people. I am disappointed in Obama – using loss of credibility as a reason to act is no different from Herod’s reason for cutting off John the Baptist’s head. According to Catholic Times, the head of Syria’s Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Gregorius III, has said that no one can be certain who was responsible for the chemical weapons attack and that military intervention by the West would be disastrous. He said that the Americans have been fuelling the situation for two years. We also hear that the chemicals to make the sarin gas were being sold to Syria from the UK.

  4. clarefcj Says:

    Thank you for the comments…I am still praying…

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