Another Move – Take nothing with you


walking-in-sandalsThe Gospel reading the other day was of Jesus sending out the seventy two – “take no purse, no haversack, no spare tunic….” Well I am just about to move house again (we had to move out for almost two months whilst work was done on our community house. I have to say that I have more than a haversack with me! It is incredible how things accumulate – files of work, warm clothes, summer clothes etc etc…

This challenge to live simply is not a one off decision, its a regular reassessment of what I need, of good stewardship (not just throwing things out so that later I need to buy something again), of what I can do without so that someone else can benefit…

But there is more too it as well – in the Gospel Jesus encourages the disciples who are sent to rely on others. Simple living is about a whole attitude of interdependence, and interconnection.

I want to make a connection with this and a story that has been highlighted recently in the news about an example of our interconnection. You may want to look it up and make your own links:

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