At 5am this morning I walked around our house enjoying the cool air and the silence that pervaded everything.  The main room of our house looked lovely – like a chapel – all set up for the vows.  Gradually other FCJs appeared and continued their part of the final preparations.  At this stage no further instructions are needed – we work as one body with one heart and one mind – helping each other in a true experience of companionship.  Tyas meanwhile – is radiant – she’s ready…This is a happy day for all  – for FCJs, for Tyas’ family and friends, for our Church and World…You all are included in our prayers of intercession…Thank you for your prayers…

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  1. Jay Says:

    Congradulation to Sister Tyas and to her family. I love to hear that the order is still growing.

    I have writen a book about growing up in Newport, RI in which I mention Mother Joanna.. I want to send a copy to Sister Walsh who is now in Canada, but I do not have her address.
    John Lacroix http://www.amazon.com/dp/1482329050/

  2. Ann Marie, fcJ Says:

    Dear Tyas, All the FCJs gathered with you and your family and friends, We are with you in spirit and prayer today. Thank God for His call and for your generous response.

    Many Blessings, Ann Marie, fcJ and All your FCJ Sisters at SHC, Calgary

  3. Ann Marie, fcJ Says:

    Attn: John Lacroix,
    Hi John, good to see your message. I am at Sacred Heart Convent 219 19th Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2S 0C8 . Hope that you are well. Many Blessings, Sr.Ann Marie, fcJ

  4. MariJoxe Says:

    I can only say, thank you, to you two, Tyas and Clare -terima kasih banyak – Tuhan memberkati anda. Receive my heartfelt cordial blessings and prayers.

  5. Lynne fcJ Says:

    We have been united with Tyas in prayer here in London, UK

  6. Maryrose fcJ Says:

    Thank you, Clare, for keeping us informed about Tyas and her special days. I have been united in spirit with you all and able to visualize several of the scenes you mention.
    I hope this will be a day to remember for Tyas and all at Soropadan.
    Maryrose DennehyfcJ

  7. clarefcj Says:

    Thank you for your prayer and support – the vows were beautiful…

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