Novitiate – Beginnings and Endings…


We are about to face big changes in our novitiate.  Tyas is soon to make vows (July 7th) and Mei, Rowena and Theresia will be starting their novitiate on Sunday, June 9th.  Currently they are all on retreat…Enjoying some quality time with God!  Please keep them and all of us in your prayer at this important time.  You can be sure that we are keeping you in our prayers!

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5 Responses to “Novitiate – Beginnings and Endings…”

  1. Maryrose fcJ Says:

    Clare we are very mindful of Tyas and received our invitation to pray today. Also we are keeping Rowena, Mei and Theresia in prayer..
    We have the good fortune to be going to Sorrento for the Long Weekend, so we shall have a little more time to be united with you and your companions.

  2. shn29MK Says:

    I will keep you and your companions in my prayer. May God continue to bless all you do.


    • shn29MK Says:

      name comes up shn29MK for – Sharyn M. Seymour

      I keep you in my prayers. It is a very beautiful morning here – good time to pray at the beach.


  3. rduffyfcj Says:

    United in thought and prayer with and for you, Clare, and Tyas, Rowena, Mei and Theresia, and all of you in Yogyakarta as you welcome our three new novices. It’s really great news and a joy for us all.

  4. Aileen Says:

    Blessing on Rowena Theresia and Mei as they begin the next part of their journey. We pray for you all.

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