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Often my ministry is a very ‘out there’ sort of thing – I am constantly meeting new people and working at a variety of levels with them. Sometimes I am presenting something, giving a talk answering questions, other times I am working at a much deeper level with an individual, listening to their story, to their hopes and dreams. 

But there are also days when I am just at home, at the desk, working on the computer. My desk looks out to our garden and I am surrounded by trees and birds. It is a lovely haven really – a place to be contemplative. In the garden we have a pond too – and at this point of the year it is teeming with life – frogs, fish, water snails and countless other creatures that come to visit – the neighbourhood cats, a pair of foxes, and our resident robins all drop by regularly for a drink or a spot of hopeful fishing.

For me this abundant spot is a reminder when I am stuck inside at the desk, that no matter where I am, or what I am doing LIFE is just waiting to be noticed!


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3 Responses to “Days at the desk”

  1. Says:

    I attended the FCJ school in Portsmouth , RI I know the school is no longer run by the FCJ s. It was in my will, but only if run by the FCJ’s I need to know more about you and your mission. I don’t think you are in the USA anymore . John LaCroix a message dated 5/9/2013 6:11:45 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

    • Sister Bonnie Moser Says:

      Hello John,
      I was happy to know that you attended St. Philomena School in Portsmouth. As you know it is a wonderful school. The Sisters still have ownership of the school and I am President of the Board of Trustees so I am frequently in Portsmouth. Yes we do have Sisters in the U.S…in Providence and in Fall River; also we have Sisters in Alabama, North Carolina and California. Do look at our web-site & feel free to contact me for other information about the FCJs. Sister Bonnie Moser FCJ

  2. Sr. Ann Marie Walsh, FCJ Says:

    Dear John,
    It was so good to hear from you once again and to know of your continued interest in St. Philomena School. It is still a wonderful place now educating close to 500 students from pre-school to grade eight and coming from Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts.

    The school is still very much an FCJ school and one of our Society’s important corporate works. The school is owned and operated by the Society, Sisters FCJ. The principal is Mrs. Donna Glavin and she is doing a fine job and is devoted to keeping alive the FCJ spirit. There are three FCJs on the Board of Trustees.

    Sr. Imelda,fcJ is the primary FCJ presence in St. Philomena School and is on campus each week for varying numbers of days depending on what is on the school schedule. She also writes an FCJ page in the weekly Tuesday Letter that the Principal sends out via e-mail to all the school families and to the Board members. Imelda is also on the Parents Club exec. bd. Sr. Madeleine, FCJ has been studying in Boston this past year and she visited the campus frequently. Sr. Madeleine guided retreats for teachers and parents and she visited classrooms and worked with the FCJ Charism Committee. She also runs a St. Philomena Summer Leadership Camp for girls in Jr. High. During the year, various FCJ Sisters visit the campus, and take part in school activities. I usually get there myself a few times during the year. There is a very active FCJ Charism Committee in place at St. Philomena’s and this group works to keep the FCJ Spirit alive and active on campus.
    I hope that this gives you a real sense of the continued FCJ presence at the school. Be sure to visit the school web site to see some current news of the school. If you have any other questions, please contact me.
    Blessings, Sr. Ann Marie Walsh, fcJ

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