At the Airport


This year my ministry involves a lot of travel, so today I am here at the airport in Shannon ready to fly home to London. 

I’ve learned to like airports – the comings and goings, delays, stresses  – people excited, people sad or worried. You see it all! I have learned to find space for myself in an airport – sort of suspended between one thing and the next. Often I sit and watch people, pray, catch up with a bit of reading. There is something peaceful here – peace in the inability to move things on any faster – in the fact that all I can do is wait. 


2 Responses to “At the Airport”

  1. Rosie Toye Says:

    and a great opportunity to meditate or merely practise patience, I find – I like to consider, especially if delayed, all the people involved in the manufacture of the aircraft (or train), the airport building, the facilities there – once I get down to the fabric of the chair covers, the plumbing, the electricity, the people who taught those people the necessary skills, I realise there’s hundreds, maybe thousands of people involved……

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for this Lynne…
    I like airports too! I love the reflective space and I really enjoying sitting back and observing all that is going on around me…

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