A Jesuit Pope


Pope Francis

Whilst no longer needing to live by the Jesuit rules (apparently once a Jesuit becomes Bishop they are not obliged to live under the Jesuit rule), I am delighted to know that the current Bishop of Rome, our Pope, is a man rooted and formed in the Ignatian tradition, desiring to be a companion of Jesus who by his life models and draws others to be men and women for others.  But on the cusp of this new Chapter in the Church’s history what do I hope for from this new Pope?

As a member of an Ignatian religious congregation, I hope he witnesses to being a man loved by God.  Rooted in that love may he show the loving and compassionate face of God to each person and to all of creation.  As all who do the Spiritual Exercises are invited to move towards freedom for mission, may he also encourage and nurture the Church to do the same.  By his example may we, the People of God, be called to gather under the standard of Christ, desiring poverty rather than riches, humilty rather than pride and insults rather than praise and adulation.

Having prayed the Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises may be show us how to stay faithful to the Church, but more importantly to Christ, when difficulties arise.  May he live out of the joy of the resurrection and show us always that “love ought to be shown in deeds far more than words.”

Let us pray for our Church as this new chapter begins and for Pope Francis in his ministry of service and leadership of God’s people.

3 Responses to “A Jesuit Pope”

  1. madeleinefcj Says:

    What a beautiful post, Anouska! I also believe that only when we are rooted in the consolation of our knowledge of God’s love for us do we have the freedom to choose what really leads to LIFE, rather than looking for consolation in possessions, power or prestige. When St. Ignatius first turned to God, he was all about doing penance and even hating himself. Only when he began to see himself as a LOVED sinner did he have the power to enroll himself under the Standard of Christ our Lord and join the mission of Jesus to reconcile the world to God.

    I was so struck that the Cardinals, most of whom were formed for ministry through diocesan structures, choose our new pope who was formed through religious life. This choice strikes me as humility on their part….. As an outsider to the clergy, I sometimes perceive a (no doubt unintentional) kind of competition between diosesan and religious order priests. The Cardinals didn’t buy into that competitive spirit, which is a great grace.

    I heard four characteristics of Pope Francis I that all begin with H; He showed his HUMAN side when first introduced to the waiting crowd–he looked so overwhelmed. He then greeted the crowd on a very human level: Brothers and Sisters, good evening! Next, he showed HUMOR, when joking that the Cardinals had gone to the other side of the Earth to find a Pope. Then, his demonstrated a HUMBLE stance in asking the people to pray for him before he offered his blessing. And finally, he communicated that he is a very HOLY man.

    For myself, as I support the new Pope with my prayers, I hope to grow in those same four virtues……

  2. maryannefcj Says:

    Thanks Anouska for your reflection … I echo many of your hopes.

    May Pope Francis find courage and strength to continue to listen to the voice of God in his everyday life… even as his everyday life changes beyond recognition for him.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to guide him as he exercises the ministry of leadership… of service.

    May the hope we all feel today, sustain us in the future.

  3. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for the post and for the replies…How inspiring it is to have such a pope as Francis!

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