A day in the life of an FCJ sister


It has been a long time since I highlighted a day to give a flavour of what my FCJ life looks like. So today is the day I’m choosing.

I woke early as usual and at 6am took time for prayer. Each FCJ has a commitment to find this time (usually an hour) of prayer in her day. For the last few days I have been reflecting particularly on the invitation to build the kingdom, to witness to my relationship with Christ in everyday actions.
After breakfast I spent some time answering emails – as vocations director I get a great variety of emails in the course if a week. So it’s good to put aside some peaceful time in which to consider how best to respond. Then off to Mass. Our local parish is a great place – very warm and welcoming with a lovely spirit and a great cultural diversity.
It was good to welcome Mgr. Matthew to our home today too. As we are just setting up a new community in New Cross he came to see our chapel and to give the permissions for us to have reservation of the Blessed Sacrament. His visit also gave us an opportunity to talk about how we may be able to contribute to the life of the church in the area.
The rest of my day was spent preparing for a workshop I am giving over the next couple of days in Glasgow university with Matthew Power SJ vocations director.
And now, I’m heading north on a packed evening train!
Where has God been? In the ordinary events and people, in the feeling that even in the most mundane tasks I am part of something greater, in a supportive community, and in so many signs of new life and hope.


3 Responses to “A day in the life of an FCJ sister”

  1. Lucy f.c.J. Says:

    Great ! Keep it up ! Well Done ! I keep vocations and all you good people who are working for them, very much in my prayers. God bless you !
    Love, Lucy f.c.J.

  2. MariJoxe Says:

    Thanks, Lynne, for sharing your life and commitment with us. Bear in mind that your commitment (to God, to life, to the Sacrament of the Present time) is a companion and a steady light in mine, in my daily offering. May you hear a soft whisper, “thank you”.

  3. madeleinefcj Says:

    I, too, pray for you and your work everyday, Lynne. it’s really nice to read the details of what you do, since it makes my prayer for you come alive!

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