What amazing times we live in! Who would have thought that at the end of this month Benedict XVI would retire from public life to make way for a younger man to take his place at the head of the Roman Catholic Church.  It’s a brave decision and one marked by true humility.  Let’s pray for Benedict and for our Church at this crucial time.  Meanwhile, let us look to the future with hope…God is with us and the Spirit continues to guide the Church…

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  1. madeleinefcj Says:

    I also think Pope Benedict made a courageous decision. I have been unhappy with the media that wants to focus on the “controversy” between Benedict and John Paul II. I see both men as responding to what God asked them to model for the Church and the world. For John Paul II, it was the idea that human dignity is not impaired by diminishment due to age, illness, or accident. His decision to remain Pope until he died was his response to God’s promptings. It was like the example that Pedro Arrupe gave us all when he so graciously lived the final ten years of his life completely dependent on others due to a debilitating stroke. All lof u s need to be prepared to received as from the Lord the diminishment that comes to us. But God gave Benedict a different job: modeling for the world how to step down when the demands of a task become too great for one’s energies and abilities. What a humble stance! If more people would discern, as I truly believe Benedict discerned this decision, we might have fewer elderly people resisting giving up their driver’s licenses, for example.

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