Christmas is being put away


Just read Clare’s Christmas poem and felt inspired to follow it up with a Christmas poem from Paddy Purnell of the Society of Jesus, called ‘Christmas is being Put Away’, taking down the decorations and returning to ordinary time has a wistful feeling, so different from putting them up, which I think he captures so well:

Christmas is being put away:

The Kings in a cardboard box,

mary stashed in tisue paper,

Jospeh wrapped in a wolly hat,

And the infant Christ in a nylon sock;

All tucked away under the stairs,

We’ll climb another year

Up to bed and down to breakfast.

And somewhere in the pantry of my thought,

Awistful coil of questions

Goes unanswered.

2 Responses to “Christmas is being put away”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    Lovely Rachel…This captures another dimension of life “post – Christmas”.

  2. madeleinefcj Says:

    I love the phrase “a wistful coil of questions”…….. May the Holy Spirit keep us questioning and wondering and living in hope!

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