Measuring effectiveness


I sometimes wonder what difference all the things I do actually make. If I am busy all the time the world turns, if I stop being busy it also turns.

This week I have been visiting one of our schools – it has been great to meet staff, parents and pupils, to get to know a little bit more about how the school ‘ticks’. I have received a warm welcome and I have spoken to literally hundreds of people. What difference does it make? Who knows! How effective have I been? Impossible to know.

I think in so many aspects of our life we simply can’t measure our effectiveness – what is the effect of a kind word, an encouragement, a way of expressing faith that helps someone else? All we can do is believe that what we do and how we are does actually matter.


One Response to “Measuring effectiveness”

  1. madeleinefcj Says:

    I have often had similar thoughts about the mystery of our presence….. we so often do not know how we have influenced or affected or comforted or inspired people—yet, we usually DO know when we have irritated, annoyed, disturbed, or distressed them! What does this call us to? Maybe God wants us to be ready at all times to apologize….maybe we don’t need to be ready to acknowledge the good we do….. But all of it–the presence of our lives to others–is part of the context of God’s loving presence to all of us…. I pray to grow more and more in my ability to lead others to an encounter with the Living Christ….whether I know about it or not!

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