On Sunday 2nd December our community had a day of recollection to mark Advent and the beginning of our preparation for Christmas.  We had a wonderful day exploring the story of the Visitation (Luke 1: 39-45).  Irene led us in prayer by using the method of Bibliodrama…which allowed us to engage with the text through a combination of words and simple movement.  It was as if I was hearing that familiar story for the very first time.  I was particularly struck by Elizabeth’s words “…your greeting reached my ears”.  It was as if the words of scripture went straight to my heart – and stayed there all day.  As I ended the day I had a greater sense of God’s love than ever…What a lovely day!

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  1. fcjteam Says:

    Clare, thank you for sharing the beginning of your Advent journey. 
    Advent is such a wonderful time to intentionally open up to God’s Grace, the desire and the strength to do God’s will. What a beautiful start to your Advent preparation, with, “words of scripture that went straight to your heart and stayed there all day!” Amazing things await us!

  2. madeleinefcj Says:

    I think Advent is such a special time. In our homily on Sunday, the priest reminded us not to “rush through Advent”. I find it great advice. The Scriptures at daily Mass are just so wonderful and easily available on line, so it’s pretty easy to take some time to let God’s word sink in!!!!! Happy Advent, everyone!

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