I saw a deeply touching scene on the way home from Mass last week.  I was on the back of one of our motorbikes driven by one of our sisters. We were stationary in the middle of the main road waiting for an opportunity to turn right into a minor road.  I saw a mother and her small son waiting to move out of that minor road and turn right into the main flow of traffic. Like us they were on a motorbike.  Another small boy pulled up alongside them on a very small bicycle, he too wanted to turn right into the roaring traffic.  As the woman edged slowly across the road ( the oncoming traffic showed no signs of slowing down) her little son reached out his left hand and took the right hand of the boy on the bike.  I held my breath as they moved across, forcing the traffic to stop for them.  The boy on the bike was clinging to his mother with his right hand and towing his friend across the road with his left hand.  Meanwhile the little boy on the bike was clinging on to his friend with his right hand and steering his less than steady bike with a his left hand.  They made it all the way across both sides of the road and then the boys let go and they both set off for school.  I was struck by the concerned expression on the face of the boy on the motorbike as he pulled his friend across the road and by the trust of his friend who was only half balancing his bike as they moved into the fast flowing traffic.  That sight stayed with me all day and I have thought of it many times since.  I am reminded of the promise of the harmony that the Messiah will bring in Isaiah 11, especially verse 6.  Those little children taught me a lesson on love and trust that I hope I will never forget.

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3 Responses to “AND A LITTLE CHILD WILL LEAD THEM…(Isaiah 11:6)”

  1. Sharyn Says:

    Thank you Clare. Yes, it is a wonderful lesson on trust, love and hope…good to remember as we approach advent.


  2. madeleinefcj Says:

    What a beautiful commentary, Clare. Thank you so much for sharing in such detail that I could picture the whole thing…… I do thank God for the gift of imagination, that lets us vicariously experience what others have seen directly….. What struck me about the story is the faith of the mother to edge out in that traffic, the way she negotiated a space for herself and the children, in the midst of chaos and danger. In a sense, it’s what we all have to do–to make safe spaces for people to be able to cross over…..whether it’s a stream of traffic, a conversation, an academic course, or life itself. May the Holy Spirit help us as we negotiate the crossings over of life!

    • clarefcj Says:

      Thank you for taking this sharing to such a deep level Madeleine…I love your idea of negotiating safe crossings – for ourselves and others!


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