A week of guided prayer


For the last two weeks I have been working in universities as a prayer guide for students. It has been such a rewarding experience!

Listening to someone share about their experience of God in prayer is such a privileged thing. I am constantly amazed by how clearly present and active God is as soon as we take time to notice, to reflect, to talk about it…  hearing someone else describe their experience of the God who loves them somehow also strengthens me in my own faith too.

I love helping people to put words or expression to the depth of feeling, faith, mystery that they can experience in prayer. It is also great to to work with a team and to have the support of others around in this ministry. Thanks too to Stephen from Loyola Hall!


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One Response to “A week of guided prayer”

  1. MariJoxe Says:

    What you do and the way you share it, it is a support to me, Lynne, as well as a a call to get more involved in what I do (accompanying people in their spiritual exercises) and in my prayer, and to bear in mind, with awe and less intensity, that I am not doing a good job among others -I may be- but I am serving God -who caressed me and taught to me first. Thanks,

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