Later today, Sunday 28th October, Narni and Yustin will make their final vows as FCJs.  All of the FCJs in Yogyakarta will be there plus FCJs from other parts of the Province and some three hundred or so guests! This is going to be such a happy day for all of us…It is always such a joy when an FCJ makes vows, especially final vows.  May God bless Yustin and Narni will fidelity and joy as they take this momentous step and may they live long and fruitful lives as FCJs in service of God and God’s people.

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  1. mcsfcj Says:

    Here at Gumley we pray with gratitude for your response to God’s call, dear Narni and Yustin. May God’s light continue to shine through you and may you experience much joy in your calling to companion faithfully with Jesus.

  2. anouskafcj Says:

    I am delighted to have had the chance to meet you both over the summer and pray for continued faithfulness through the years for you both. Rejoicing with you as you say your ‘Yes’ to God, to the Society and to the World. Praised be Jesus Christ!

  3. Narni fcJ Says:

    A million thanks for all your loving supports and special prayers as we celebrate of God’s love and faithfulness. Thank you for God’s goodness in each of you that I have received. May we continue to say “Yes” every day to love and to serve the people of God with fidelity and joy. in the Lord… Shalom.

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