Autumn Reflections


Endings come; they always do.
Goodbye comes. It always does.

struggle with it in autumn,
in our deepest being, so do we.

as we begin our fallow vigil,
we recall the truth of the ages:

the wheat seed dies,
it cannot sing a new birth.

Endings silence the soul,
yet not forever,
For the heart will one day,
sing once more.

Joyce Rupp – Praying our Goodbyes

These last few days of Autumn in England have been misty and mild. The trees are beauitiful with the reds and oranges of the season, and I am involved in helping one of our communities to move! As I walk around the property, moving furniture, packing boxes, disposing of things, opening forgotten cupboards, dispossessing of all sorts of well-loved items, it seems as though I too am in an Autumn time.

Often Autumn makes me melancholy… but this year it seems very gentle – as though nature itself is reminding me that God is with us in the letting go, that nature itself understands the feelings and emotions involved, and that there is not only the bright chill of winter ahead, but the promise of spring in every bud already present as the leaves fall from the branches.

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One Response to “Autumn Reflections”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for this sharing Lynne…Let’s be hopeful that Spring will follow the Winter’s chill!

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