The eagerly awaited and long overdue rain has finally arrived in Yogya over recent days.  Last night I lay in bed and listened to the sound of the rain falling.  This morning the garden gratefully released a pungent earthy aroma in thanksgiving.  Within hours the garden was changing colour as an ever deepening green began to transform it.  It is as if God had suddenly descended to wash the land with colour.   Thank you God…and may we always use your precious gift of water with care and gratitude.

2 Responses to “AH…RAIN…”

  1. Denise Says:

    What a beautiful reflection…thank you. On this side of the world we are experiencing the last of the beautiful autumn leaves…and the cycle of life is so very evident as we see the leaves fall to the ground to cover it in a blanket of warmth for the cold winter to come. Knowing eventually the leaves themselves will become nutrients for new life in the spring and along with the water you speak of burst into the brilliance of God’s glory! Oh, that we should do the same!

  2. clarefcj Says:

    I like your idea that we could burst into the brilliance of God’s glory. Let’s give it a try and see what happens!

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