A blogger returns!


It is almost a year since I wrote consistently on this blog and a lot can happen in a year! This time last year I had just returned from a month at an Eco Justice centre and organic farm in the USA. Having spent a month unwinding from a very busy and full time ministry in teaching I found myself in Broadstairs, Kent, ready to embark on a completely different journey – I had come to Broadstairs for a year of formation that in Ignatian congregations we call Tertianship – ‘the School of the Heart’.

There have been many significant moments during the year and I am sure that as I begin to write again more regularly I will be able to share some of the experiences, insights and outcomes of what has been a truly life changing year!

For now it sufficient to say hello again… and I look forward not only to sharing my thoughts and reflections, but also to hearing yours too!

4 Responses to “A blogger returns!”

  1. marthese dingli Says:

    welcome back,FCJ.

  2. clarefcj Says:

    How lovely to read your blogs again Lynne…I missed them…It’s so helpful to hear/read reflections from women of faith…

  3. MariJoxe Says:

    I agree with you, Clare and thanks Lynne.

  4. anouskafcj Says:

    It is good to have you back on board. I look forward to reading your blogs!

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