Later today 22nd September 2012, the mortal remains of Marie Madeleine our foundress will be re-interred in the Church of St Dominique, Paris.  This has been a long journey home for Marie Madeleine whose body was taken to England in the early part of the last century when religious were no longer welcome in France.  FCJs throughout the Society are united in heart and spirit as our foundress is once more laid to rest in the land of her birth.  Knowing her deep love for the Eucharist it is so appropriate that her remains will forever be in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.  We give thanks for Marie Madeleine’s life and vision and for the FCJ Society.  May we continue to live our Charism fully – today and always.

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  1. Gigi Says:

    Thanks be to God for Marie Madeleine and for the FCJs.

  2. madeleinefcj Says:

    My prayer is that Marie Madeleine d’Houet’s tomb in the Church of St. Dominique in Paris will become a place of pilgrimage and that many, many people will find in her a true friend in heaven. It is so wonderful that the Church has declared her virtues heroic and that she is now recognized as the VENERABLE Marie Madeleine d’Houet. It was lovely having her tomb at Stella Maris in Broadstairs, Kent, but there is no question that she was hidden away and not accessible for very many people. Now many more will have a chance to get to know her!

  3. Denise Says:

    Thinking about you on this day, Sept. 22, 2012 as the mortal remains of Marie Madeleine will be re-interred in the Church of St Dominique, Paris. Also praying with you united in heart and spirit in thanksgiving for Marie Madeleine’s life and vision.

    I am grateful for your embodiment of the Charism reflecting Marie Madeleine’s abiding presence with us on the journey.

    As these remains are laid to rest once more— I pray…

    Holy One of Blessing, You who attend our beginnings and our endings, You who have promised to welcome us Home, attend to us this day as Marie Madeleine’s remains are laid to rest in the land of her birth.

    Keep us true to our Charism as we honor her, remember her, and follow her in the path of Faithful Companionship with Jesus —so as to be true to our mission, to remember who we are and whose we are, and to stay on the path enfolding us in the love of the Holy Mystery.


  4. clarefcj Says:

    Amen…I say…Amen!

  5. anouskafcj Says:

    To be present on such a blessed occasion was indeed so special. For me I was very moved when the casket with Marie Madeleine’s mortal remains was placed in her final resting place and as the FCJ sisters stood back and watched and the parishioners of St. Dominique, her family and friends and the priests of the parish gathered round I had a real felt sense that this is what was right. We were letting her go, for the greater glory of God and the salvation of God’s people. If you love someone you have to let them go. She did not respond to God’s will for our sake alone but for the glory of God and by returning her to a place where all can pray through her intercession, she can continue doing God’s will and lead others to faithful companionship with Jesus. A blessed occasion and one which felt extremely right. Thank you to all involved near and far away. It was indeed a blessed evening.

  6. Barbara fcJ Says:

    Thank you to all who have shared on this occasion of grace! For those of us not there, it helps us to see the rightness of her new place of abode!

  7. Sharyn M. Seymour Says:

    Change is always challenging but what a blessing it is to embrace the challenge of rediscovering the real presence of someone and rediscovering the charism that unites all who truly companion with Jesus. God bless all of you who witnessed this grace filled moment.
    I will cherish Dec. 1983 when I first prayed by Madeliene’s Tomb at Stella Maris.

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