As one of the lucky participants of the Confidence to Dare meeting I have learnt at an even deeper level the importance of being connected.  I don’t just mean tnrough email or facebook as good as they are but connected in heart, mind and prayer no matter where in the world I or my new found friends/companions may be.  Before the meeting I knew people’s names, now I know their chatacters,  their different personalities and feel ever more blessed to belong to such a dynamic group of women religious from across the globe.  Thank you for having the ‘Confidence to Dare’ to call us together.  May our union grow stronger as the time passes and our inter-connectedness bear fruit across the globe.  🙂

6 Responses to “INTER-CONNECTED”

  1. Denise Says:

    Such a wonderful experience all of you who attended the Confidence to Dare meeting have had… Thanks to all who shared this experience on your Facebook page.

    Anouska your post is spot on! Perhaps we can take your expression of connectedness and look to Mary Magdalene’s (Marie Madeleine’s patron saint) experience at the tomb as reflected upon by Christine Bourgeault, the author of “The Meaning of Mary Magdalene; Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity”, where we can look at our connectedness as the birthing of union on a higher plan. Mary Magdalene knew the full intensity of being in relationsnhip and “she knew from her teacher Jesus the practice of egoic emptying, of letting be and letting go. In her empty unknowing following his death, some miracle took place. Out of this very emptiness and not-knowing she met him that first Easter morning in a different realm of ongoing, non-dying connection. She knew the love that does not die, the love that is stronger than death. Because of the intensity of her connection with Jesus, Mary Magdalene is rightly the first witness to his ongoing life, the mystery we call the resurrection. All she had to do was hear her name, and in flash, she was connected.”

    • Ann Marie Walsh Says:

      Your post was great. I agree so strongly with you that our union of minds and hearts is truly a gift to us all! Happy feastday and many blessings, Ann Marie, fcJ

  2. Maryrose Says:

    Thank you, Anouska.Your comment brought back happy memories,for me,of many different gatherings, over a period of nearly sixty years now.We are also blessed, in Kew, Melbourne to have another “lucky participant’ staying with us.
    I say Amen,Amen to your last sentence.
    Maryrose fcJ

  3. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks Anouska…It’s great to hear your experince “from the inside.” One of the many things I love about our Society is that we are so connected…I think it’s a lovely aspect of our charism.

  4. Gigi Says:

    Thanks for sharing, the photos looked great. For those who don’t know me, I’m Gerry (sometimes Gigi), mission & identity promoter for FCJ Australia. Loving your work and getting to know you. Blessings 🙂

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