I am very grateful that I have many “homes” to go to.  I live at home in Yogyakarta where my community is.  I have just finished making my retreat in Singapore where I feel as if I have a second home with the sisters there.  I am currently in England visiting various FCJ communities where I immediately feel at home.  Very soon I am “going home” to spend time with my family.  Then of course there is God who invites us to “make your home in me”.  Thank you God for many places to call home.  Thank you God for the gift of relationships.  May those of us who have homes to go to be always ready to be of service to those who are still looking for “home”.

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2 Responses to “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS…”

  1. Denise Says:

    Beautiful post… I recently reflected as well that God makes God’s home in us. If we are at home in our authentic selves then we embody the Christ within and no matter where we are we can be at home!

  2. Anne Says:

    So very true, Clare, a lovely reflection,
    Anne fcj

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