SISTER ACT – Ask and you shall receive


A new
of Sister Act,
“a divine
has been
recently in
St. Hugh’s,
went to see it together. Jenny, our fcJ postulant, had sent an email asking “Can some real nuns come to see it?” She received two free tickets by return email! Jenny then wrote to say thank you and asked to buy two more tickets for our community of four, whereupon two more free tickets arrived! Great seats on the back row of the stalls! The story was the same as the film but all the songs were new, with lots of dancing, brimful of exuberant energy. At first I was a bit turned off with the usual caricature of religious life, but the mood lifted with the fun and humour. Music worked its magic, opening hearts and dissolving barriers. It struck me how Deloris became a true Christ figure as she told the crooks: “I’m the one you want. Let these others go free.” Even Deloris and the mother superior, polar opposites, found their common humanity, Their final embrace seemed a celebration of the joyous message: human is holy.

One Response to “SISTER ACT – Ask and you shall receive”

  1. Anouska fcJ Says:

    Wow, how lucky were you? It is an amazing musical. I love the transformation that takes place in the postulant and also the way that Doloris comes to realise that although she can have the world, there is something special about the religious community that she comes to love too. Glad you all got to see it….

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