Endings and Beginnings


As my time in Canada draws to an end, although I still have lots to experience and live of this most special time, I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that life is a series of endings and beginnings and the challenge that this poses.  I have had a wonderful experience here in Toronto living and enjoying all that has been possible and I am looking forward to all that still awaits me, yet at the same time I am aware that this is not my ‘home’ and in several weeks I will be on a plane home, yet not returning to the same place I left.  As I have changed during this year, so have the people I left behind.  As we reassemble, even though in the same geographical location, a new community will be formed even if the same names are present.

Transition and moving on is part and parcel of our life in an international religious congregation.  I will not be the only one on the move in the months that lie ahead.   I pray at this time for all people embracing the gift and challenge of transition and ask that we may all know the deep presence of God, the companionship of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit to help us not leave too soon our present realities,  yet arrive ready to step into the next adventure of life with fidelity and joy when the time comes.  Marie Madeleine was often on the move; may her life inspire all of her daughters, and many others, who are on the move this year.  May our constant moving help us to better understand the challenges faced by so many people who are uprooted around our world.  May we know above all else that God is both in the present and preparing to welcome us in the places to which we are going, wherever they may be.

One Response to “Endings and Beginnings”

  1. Denise Says:

    I met you in Madrid last year when Bonnie Moser and I were there for WYD. Thank you for your post. I am also in transition as I retire from my position as Supervisor with the Calgary Catholic School District. Transition is a time of great opportunity to reflect on how God has been with us on the journey and trusting that God will be with us as we discover new and exciting things about ourselves and our relationships.
    Godspeed to you!

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