The idea of freely working together as a group on a common project is very important here in Yogyakarta.  The term for this is “kerja bakti” which means a true donation of the self by voluntarily working together on something.  Here in our village we work together on things like building walls,  surfacing roads and clearing litter etc.  I say “we” but in our village only men are allowed to do the work, so we do our part by providing the food and refreshments.  Happily, in our church everyone is free to help with common projects.  Last Saturday we were invited to go and help clear the gardens and paths of the presbytery near our church because it was intended to be the starting point for our Palm Sunday procession.  Tyas and I went to help.  It was actually great fun…There was a good group of us and plenty of talk and laughter as we worked together…not to mention the snacks and tea!  Kerja bakti is another example of companionship in practice.  I enjoyed my two hours of communal work!  It was a good witness to religious life too – we are prepared to work alongside others…

PS…Would you believe it?…It poured with rain on Sunday morning and in the end our procession was relocated to the motorbike park underneath the church!  Sometimes God does seem to have a funny sense of humour!

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