It is clear from our name that companionship with in Jesus is a strong aspect of our charism (spirit) as  religious sisters.  I have witnessed and experienced the power of companionship very deeply  these last few days.  A few days ago the wife of a teacher we all know died very suddenly.  The family had several Masses to pray for their mother and we were able to send FCJs each time.   Some of us just returned from a long journey to a distant city where we were visiting the family of a former FCJ.  Having just heard the sad news of the death of the father of one of our sisters some of us are about to set off again on another long journey (for some of us the second long journey within 12 hours of returning).  While there are times when it is a challenge for us to be true companions to each other and to others – that struggle is truly worth it…FCJ companionship is  beautiful thing.


  1. Anouska fcJ Says:

    Although undoubtedly a second long journey in such a short space of time I am glad you are there to be a companion in name and in practice for our sister who needs you so much at this time. I am many miles away but assure you of my companionship from across the miles. Indeed our FCJ companionship is a beautiful thing.

  2. rduffyfcj Says:

    Yes, companionship itself is a beautiful thing – it’s the kindness and friendliness of complete strangers that helps me to believe in God. Why do some some people, in something as small as selling me a coffee, cutting my hair or showing me the way somewhere, have the knack of making me feel I’ve somehow known them all my life? I wonder if it reflects our being made in God’s image, and therefore easily recognising that image in the other. Rachel fcJ

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