One of the treats I sometimes give myself is listening to the BBC Radio 4 “Soap Opera”  “The Archers” while I am checking my emails.  I love the “sounds of home” and the insights I get about life as I listen.  I was interested when the local vicar spoke to his congregation about what to do this Lent.  He gave them two challenges: firstly to give up gossip and secondly to try and reach out to others – to do some acts of random kindness.  I really liked those ideas and I decided to take those challenges for myself!  Not only am I trying to be alert to opportunities to be helpful to others but also I am much more aware of how many acts of kindness others do for me.  Amazing eh? That  God can break into us in the most unexpected ways…


  1. bernieofcj Says:

    Hi Clare, I happened to hear the same ‘Archers’ programme and it put me in mind to check my own Lenten resolutions!

    Lent is a great time for spiritual deep cleansing. It is also a beautiful time.of the year in spite of the sadness of the thought of Jesus’passion and death that has to come at the end. Because there is also the hope of Resurrection!

    Here in England the sun is shining, daffodils are out and days are growing longer – all signs of new life! Next Sunday is Laetare Sunday when we are invited to ‘be glad and rejoice’ in the goodness of the Lord. It makes my heart sing!

  2. Rachel fcJ Says:

    So nice to know you can hear the Archers, Clare, even in Indonesia -must be on BBC i-player I suppose……sometimes I listen to it when cooking on Sunday mornings and it takes me back to my childhood, which was the last time I heard the Archers’ voices – the music is still the same! Reminds me of my little brother Tim – he always knew it was bedtime when that music played for the second time. Here I am in Loyola Hall Liverpool, retreat centre, doing spiritual accompaniment 2 course, and yes, having a feast of daffodils – what a joy to see them in abundance and each day the buds on the beech and horse chestnut trees are swelling and the tiny leaves just beginning to unfurl! It’s quite a little nature reserve and bird sanctuary here!

  3. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks to Bernie and Rachel…For me too the Archers evokes childhood memories – which is probably one reason why I like it so much…Thanks for the further insight into Lent as a time of deep spiritual cleansing and for the lovely descriptions of England in Spring! It makes my heart sing too!

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