Catholicism … use of media


At the Liverpool University chaplaincy during Lent we have watched 4 episodes of  a new DVD series, ‘Catholicism’, written and hosted by Fr. Robert Barron, an American priest.  He has an amazing website, Word on Fire, full of access to a great variety of videos, for those blessed with good internet connection. The teacher who introduced us to ‘Catholicism’ told me Fr. Robert was a seminary lecturer and was left some money by a woman who liked his homilies and asked him to use the money for his ministry.  With a suitably gifted friend he began to make films and has gone from strength to strength.  Catholicism is impressively beautiful visually, and as one student put it, there is nothing to make you cringe if this was watched by people of other faiths; yes, the theology is wholesome, and profound.   The internationality of the catholic faith is well presented. There is an accompanying book  and study guide. It is an inspiring example of how media can be used in evangelization.  Look out for it – I believe Fr. Robert has been invited to visit other countries to promote this DVD series.

2 Responses to “Catholicism … use of media”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for this Rachel…The DVDs sound really interesting!
    What great work Fr. Robert is doing…

  2. mcsfcj Says:

    Thanks for this link, Rachel. It is an interesting site and beautifully presented. I like what he has to say about Lent. It is great that you are getting involved in the Catholic chaplaincy. – A wonderful ministry!

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