To the foot of the cross and beyond


Om Thursday January 26th 2012, one of our younger FCJ sisters died.

Sr. Claire Thédrez fcJ made her final vows on the 23rd December 2011 in the midst of much suffering and illness.  Strengthened by her final profession she lived her last weeks with great courage and confidence.

No matter what our state of life, married, single, religious, ordained, we never know what the Lord has planned for us.  What I have learnt from Claire though is that understanding is not always what is demanded,  but faithfulness.  She was faithful to the foot of the cross and beyond  She endured much in her few short years as an FCJ.  May she now be enjoying the joy of the resurrection, free of pain and suffering and united with all those who have gone before her, family, friends and FCJs.

May we like her walk faithfully in life, and if asked, accompany Jesus to the foot of the cross and beyond, hoping always in the resurrection which lies beyond and in faith we know she is now enjoying.  May she rest now in peace forever.

6 Responses to “To the foot of the cross and beyond”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks Anouska. Yes…Claire is a witness to us of the truth that what counts is not length of life but the way we live our lives…
    May Claire pray for all those who are struggling with illness right now and give them the courage and strength to carry on.

  2. bernieofcj Says:

    Thank you for what you have written Anouska! It is such a short time since Clare was a Postulant here at Gumley testing out her vocation.
    I remember Clare for the very deep desire she had to follow Jesus as a Faithful Companion of Jesus; I remember the beautiful spiritual poems she wrote and her very.hearty laugh. How little did we imagine that Jesus would take her to himself so soon!

    • anouskafcj Says:

      My memories of Claire are in the kitchen. She was able to turn her hand to anything and it always tasted good. She coordinated the food for the celebration of my entry into the society prior to my first vows. Every dietary need was catered for and with no apparent hassle for her, just focused hard work which she did so generously.

  3. mcsfcj Says:

    Thank you, Anouska, for these words of comfort and hope. Claire now lives in the fullness of Love. May the witness of her utter faithfulness be a source of strength for many.

  4. Maryrose Says:

    Thank you, Anouska. Your words rang so very true for me. I was blessed to have met Clare twice,some years ago and for a few days at a time, but i was impressed then by her peacefulness and hope. We must surely thank God for the life of Clare, Faithful, Companion of Jesus.

  5. rduffyfcj Rachel Says:

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Claire, being in Asia, but share the sadness of losing her so soon. I am glad she had the joy of making her final vows before she died and having her mother and brother with her on the last day of her life.. People say she became noticeably more peaceful after making her final vows. Thank God! I suppose we’ll never know all that she accomplished in a hidden way by trustingly offering herself into God’s hands in life and in death.

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