On January 3rd Sisca made her final vows in a deeply moving ceremony.  All the FCJs in our Province were there as well as our Companions in Mission and many friends from Melbourne and even further afield.  The ceremony was beautiful and very joyful.  Sisca has vowed to be an FCJ for life.  Her commitment is a reminder to us all to be faithful to our own commitment to serve God and God’s people.

4 Responses to “I MAKE FOREVER TO YOU…”

  1. Anouska fcJ Says:

    Congratulations Sisca. We remembered you here in Toronto on this momentous day. Thank you for your ‘Yes’ and thank you Clare for keeping us posted!

  2. Rachel fcJ Says:

    Thanks Clare for the news flashes from the assembly and about Sisca’s vows. On January 3 in Birkenhead I was present at a special Mass with Sr. Liz and her fcJ community in thanksgiving for her time in the UK as she prepares to return to Australia. Remembered you all in Melbourne, and Sisca especially. .

  3. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    I was on the last day of my retreat and very much thinking of Sisca and all our sisters in Asia-Australia!

  4. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for your prayers and good wishes…We really felt part of the whole Society as Sisca made her vows…

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