I went to Christmas Eve Mass in our local parish: St John the Apostle, Pringwulung, Yogyakarta.  After the Gospel the baby Jesus was carried into the church to the sound of beautiful singing.  The baby was carried by a woman and man in traditional Javanese dress and followed by two children, two young people, and a husband and wife.  The procession was representative of humanity.  As the baby was placed in the manger the choir sang “Silent Night” so beautifully.  The crib was stunning…It was set against the outline of a modern city with highrise buildings all around it.  Most stunning of all was the fact that the crib was depicted as being on the verge of demolition…and enormous piece of heavy machinery was about to tear the roof off…precisely where the baby lay…The whole scene spoke of how Jesus came to be with the whole of humanity and especially to be with those who suffer…

What a beautiful faith we have…May God expand our hearts that we too will be ready to be alongside those who need us…

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