Yesterday I went with some visitors to Borobodur an ancient Buddhist place of worship.  It is amazing to me to think of this beautiful place still standing after more than 1000 years.  Imagine how many people have prayed there over the years… I love old churches too because they are steeped in the prayers of generations of people over many centuries. May we too be people of prayer and may others recognise in us the signs closeness to God…

3 Responses to “PLACES OF PRAYER…”

  1. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    When people come into our convent in Tuscaloosa, they often remark on the atmosphere of peace and prayer they find there. I think that in spaces where people gather to seek God, there is often a “residue” of their presence. Seeking God is an urge “hard-wired” into us and yet, it is sometimes hard to find places of peace and beauty where our spirits can roam freely through memory and experience to find where God was present. Such reflection readies us to find God more easily in our everyday lives, because we become sensitized to the traces of God at work. I am so grateful to live in a peaceful, beautiful space…. and so glad when others come to join us at prayer!

  2. joannafcj Says:

    I have a similar experience to Madeleine’s. People have commented on the atmosphere of peace in the FCJ House of Prayer in Durham. When there is free time during a program, some people immediately gravitate to the chapel. One young Protestant seminarian commented that he had an unexpected embodied response to spending time in the chapel: his arms tingled, “That is a special place,” he said. Never underestimate the power of Presence!

  3. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for your points…Yes…it happens here too that people remark on the prayerful atmosphere in the house…I also think that people recognise that we too are prayerful people…May we keep on being women of prayer…

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