On my way home from campus I like to try and cycle home in a reflective way…and to look at the people and sights I see with the eyes of  God.  It’s amazing what I can see in the space of twenty minutes: babies and parents/grandparents; junior school children out pacing me on their bikes; people busy in their small shops; food sellers with their carts offering their tasty delights; the scavengers searching for hidden treasures amongst the rubbish…I exchange many a smile and stop as often as I can to give the beggars a little money…My cycle home is one of my favourite parts of the day…It’s a prayer in motion…So often I am filled with gratitude at the wonder of everyday life here in Yogya!


  1. Thomas Bissonnette Says:

    I wish to ask if there is a standard piece of jewelry that is worn by the sisters? A ring has come to me through interesting channels. I have taken it to several groups to find it’s origin but so far to no avail. There are 3 letters on it and one is difficult to read. At first I thought the letters were FCT so I contacted the Fraternity of Christ Templar. They didn’t recognize it. I examined it further with higher magnification and found that one of the letters may be a J. I can forward a photo if it is possible that this ring is associated with your order.
    In pursuit of Gods truth,
    Thomas Andre Bissonnette

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Dear Thomas,
    Thank you so much for your kind question…We do not wear a ring – sorry it is not ours. I hope you will eventually find out where the ring belongs.
    With best wishes,
    Clare fcJ

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