FCJ Educational Philosophy


“Act from principle, not from feeling!”   These words were on a poster somewhere in Blessed Sacrament Elementary School (Providence, Rhode Island, USA)…in the late 1950’s.  They were quoted by one of the businessmen at the class reunion I attended in October.  He said that those words had guided his life in the business world over the years.  The teachers in that school were FCJ sisters.  As an FCJ present at that reunion, I was able to “read behind the words” a strong element of Ignatian spirituality, which must have permeated the educational philosophy of the sisters.  Know your feelings.  Then discern where they are coming from.  Make choices from that deep place of discipleship/companionship with Jesus…that place of relationship built on a steady life of prayer.

One Response to “FCJ Educational Philosophy”

  1. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    Joanna, I really like that phrase. It captures the essence of what we try to teach our pre-service teachers, that professionalism in the classroom is all about creating a space between how we would naturally react and how we want to respond to help children learn and grow. So often when dealing with children today, teachers need to respond to them from a place of clarity about how the children’s behavior is functioning to meet a need of which the children are often clueless—like a need for attention or a need to avoid work because of fear of failure or whatever. Your little phrase makes a nice motto to post in our classroom!

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