My Earth Sabbatical at White Violet Center for Eco Justice


I am now back in Liverpool after a month in Indiana at the White Violet Center. It was an amazing month – I loved every single minute of it – with opportunities to do things differently and to be in touch with the land.

I found working with the alpacas such a calming and stilling thing. Each morning out in the pastures in the morning sun among these lovely creatures I felt at peace. It put me in touch with what gives me joy in life, what is important to me and what refreshes me. Many evenings too I simply sat by the pastures and enjoyed the stillness.

I had lots of opportunity to read, and the library at White Violet is comprehensive, so I enjoyed stretching myself with different concepts, allowing my thinking to be challenged, allowing my understanding of physics to deepen and inform my thinking on matters of justice, ecology, spirituality, theology…

The opportunity to work with the alpaca fibre and to learn new crafts such as spinning, felting and weaving was good fun, but it also provided a time of focused activity where I was developing new skills.

There is loads more to say about my time in Indiana – I feel like it has changed me – and over time I will write more. In the meantime I am just so grateful to everyone there at the Center who made me feel so welcome and so much part of what they are doing. This evening they are having their annual Harvest Dinner and I am very sorry that I am not there with them!

One Response to “My Earth Sabbatical at White Violet Center for Eco Justice”

  1. Cheryl Casselman Says:

    I feel lucky to know you, Sister Lynne! You were so fun to have around and I’m glad you had a meaningful Earth Sabbatical experience at White Violet Center. Take good care of yourself; and I look forward to keeping up with you and FCJ here. Thanks for all your hard work. Best wishes!

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