In Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we had a great celebration on the weekend of 1st – 2nd October as we had the joy of witnessing Herlina’s first profession. On the evening of Saturday October 1st we had a service to welcome Herlina into the Society. This prayer was followed by a simple meal. At 10am on Sunday morning we were joined by Herlina’s family and by a good number of friends of our communities as Herlina made her vows. The Mass had a distinctly Javanese flavour. A number of the hymns were in Javanese and even some of the Indonesian hymns were in Javanese style.  Throughout the ceremony the priest drew attention to the fact that Herlina was committing herself to a life of companionship with Jesus and with others. In the missioning service that took place several hours later Herlina was missioned to Soropadan community, to the study of psychology and to volunteer work with children and adults with special needs. It is hoped that in the future Herlina will take up full time ministry with adults and children with special needs.

One Response to “HERLINA’S FIRST VOWS”

  1. Claire fcJ Says:

    May your companionship with Jesus, deepen and strengthen, Herlina. God bless you!

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